Find a Gluten Free Food List for Your Benefit


With gluten intolerance or celiac disease, you should never take any chances. If you do not know whether a food or foods have gluten or not, just avoid it. Do not eat questionable foods at all until you consult a list of foods that are indeed free of gluten. This is because it can be difficult to understand and be aware of all the gluten-containing foods around.

When you understand that the basic ABC’s of gluten mean that the food either contains or was made with barley, rye, wheat, or spelt, you are armed with the best knowledge. Since these are just the basics and gluten will hide under other names such as “hydrolyzed vegetable protein” (also from soy sometimes).

Find the lists you need online and learn about all the processed foods and ingredient either made from gluten or containing traces of gluten. This is usually something that people do not even think about. While you may find a bread that is “gluten-free,” when you read the fine print, you might learn some bad news. Look for the small, little print at the bottom that reads something to the effect of “made in a facility that processes wheat.”

These are the kinds of foods that you will find on a better gluten free food list. When you are armed with knowledge, the symptoms of your problem can be reduced or even eliminated with a bit of work and attention on your part. After all, is it worth taking any chances at all?

Since your basic intolerance can become more serious, leading to the auto-immune disease known as celiac, be prepared. It is not worth this and you know it. You just made the decision to either be sick or healthy. You are actually lucky in that regard. Many people have no idea what it is that makes them ill. When you know the cure is something as simple as a dietary change, you are set.

Gluten is addictive, making it tough to quit. The same is true with dairy products. There are opiod-like compounds in both and this keeps you hooked. If you need to come off the gluten foods slowly, refer to the list and ease off.