Why Gold Watches For Men Doesn’t Mean Bling


Unless you have a line of gold teeth to go with your gold watch, having a gold watch does not mean you are a wannabe rapper with a taste for diamond encrustedÂ… well, almost everything you can think of.

If you’re not into bracelets and neck chains then the watch is almost the only piece of jewelry for a man. You can perhaps wear a signet ring, and certainly a wedding ring, but the options really stop there.

How do you know if it is gold?

Watches don’t have to be made of gold at all. A watch might be plastic or stainless steel or a mix of both. Parts of a watch can be golden. In watchmaking gold may be used in seven major parts of a watch; the case, the dial, the hands, crown, pushers are all part of the watch itself. Then the bracelet and clasp on a leather strap could also be gold

gold watches for men

Each of these could be solid or plated. How do you know? A solid gold watch will have a gold back. A plated watch will have a stainless-steel back. Tuck that away for later.

Gold as an investment

The value of a gold watch is not going to diminish. There is a vibrant market in second-hand gold watches for men. In addition, the market value of watch companies in Switzerland continues to grow even though they produce on average the same number of watches per year.

The renowned ‘I-really-want-a brand’ manufacturers control demand and access. If you want one of the very famous brands you will have a wait and you will have to pay for the entire thing at the time of order. That is a market which is very secure in its niche and will be around for a while.

Gold watches don’t have to be showy

If you’re concerned that gold watches by definition are showy, then think again. Gold watches can be as subtle as you need. If you want a refined looking don’t-even-notice-it sort of watch, it is out there.